Job Description


LPN Qualifications include:

  • A current Georgia license to practice nursing and render services as an LPN in accordance with the provisions of the Georgia Practical Nurses Practice Act, O.C.G.A. 43-26-30 et seq
  • A minimum of two (2) years’ experience in home health services or related field; preferably experience working with an older demographic
  • Ability to supervise personal support aides
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Working knowledge of the Rules and Regulations for Private Home Care Providers
  • Working knowledge of the policies and procedures

LPN Duties include:

  • Monitoring and recording member’s vital signs as needed, reporting abnormal readings to the RN supervisor
  • Observing member’s functional level; reporting any changes in the member’s physical condition and health care needs to the supervising RN
  • Assisting members, as needed, with medications; observing for possible reactions; reporting any reactions to the supervising RN
  • Preparing progress notes and supervisory visit entries, documenting member’s current status
  • Teaching self-care activities to members, member representatives and caregivers
  • Assisting with and/or providing member care as needed
  • Collaborating with the supervising RN to update member care plans
  • Reviewing, signing and dating all clinical record entries (i.e. service record forms, progress notes) made by the personal support aides supervised by the LPN

NOTE: More frequent follow-up and documentation are required when changes in the member’s status are noted.

LPN supervisory functions include:

  • Completing face-to-face supervisory visits with assigned members and, when appropriate, the member representative and/or caregiver, in the member’s home notifying the supervising RN of any significant changes in the member’s status
  • Completing an in-home supervisory visit with assigned members at least once per year to observe and monitor the in-home performance of the personal support aides


Registered Nurse duties include:

  • Monitor and supervise the care of members whose health status and situation involve complex observations
  • Review referrals from care coordinators and evaluate the member’s needs (initial and subsequent visits)
  • Supervise personal support aides and licensed practical nurses and any services provided for medically frail clients and defines those types of clients appropriately, if applicable
  • Complete clinical records, including documenting progress notes and supervisory visit entries
  • Review, sign and date all clinical record entries made by personal support aides
  • Review and sign all documentation of the LPN visits within ten (10) days of each visit and follow up immediately on all concerns raised by the LPN
  • Make appropriate recommendations to care coordinators regarding member services
  • Re-evaluate member’s needs in home at least every two (2) months (60-62 calendar days)
  • Report changes in the member’s status/condition to the member’s physician
  • Assign certain tasks to assistive personnel when appropriate