Medical ICD 10 Coding

The conversion from ICD-9 to ICD-10 diagnosis and procedure codes is occupying the minds of health care leaders across the industry Implementation requires alignment across thousands of entities, and collaboration will be a key aspect of success. Collaboration involves both the alignment of internal efforts across an organization and working hand-in-hand with key external partners. Due to the complex structure of ICD-10 codes, the process of implementing and testing the changes is expected to be time-intensive and costly.

First Match Services has a proven track record for partnering with hospitals and healthcare payers to provide experienced contingent coding professionals to help augment internal staffing resources, during the ICD-10-CM/PCS implementation.

We understand that coders play a critical role in the management of your revenue cycle. Timely and accurate chart coding is essential to capturing accurate revenue. However, implementing ICD-10-CM/PCS is sure to slow your organization down, leaving a backlog of un-coded charts and perhaps even miscoded charts, as your coders learn the new system. Additionally, the implementation date for ICD-10 is based on the date of service. At the point of implementation, transactions and services coded under ICD-9 will still comprise the majority of submissions and transactions. Over time, ICD-10 will begin to predominate. However, appeals, resubmissions, and other longer-term follow-up procedures will extend the “mixed” coding environment from months to years.

Our experience providing resources within the Healthcare spectrum has given us the expertise necessary to be an effective partner and has helped mitigate potential revenue loss for our clients.

Transitional Coding Resources: We can provide the resources necessary to bridge the critical transition period during both ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding systems, which have to be supported. These resources are certified ICD-9 coders that will be critical, as your organization transitions to a new coding environment.

Medical Records Coding: Our certified ICD-10 coders provide comprehensive on-site medical coding programs, chart and facility reviews, and review of explanation of benefits for denied claims, as well as ICD-10 education and training.

Physician Coding: Our ICD-10 coding specialists maintain the quality and accuracy of the coding process for your medical practice.